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Having built the world's largest deal origination platform, the same team has now zoomed in on transforming archaic business tools into intelligent, frictionless, and optimal tools of the future. Give your teams the edge they need.

Romesh Jayawickrama

Founder & CEO

Romesh has over 25 years of Investment Banking experience from global banks including Nomura, ING (youngest Director at age 28) and CLSA. Prior to founding Inttent, he founded her sister company “Aurigin” – now the largest private equity deal platform in the, servicing mid market companies, funds and banks in 145 countries

Hear From The Founder

As a senior investment banker, I had first-hand exposure to the inefficiencies in the traditional industry, so I decided to tackle them one at a time. Having first built the largest deal origination platform in the world, I focussed on creating efficiencies within the broader corporate world by modernizing archaic tools and solutions. Digitization, interactive intelligence, insights, and amplification of human output are all key characteristics of our products at Inttent

We Are On A Mission

Our goal is to harness the power of technology to streamline your content creation process, allowing you to focus on the most important aspect of it - your creativity. With our user-friendly platform, viewers can effortlessly navigate and discover the content that matters most to them, amplifying the impact of your creative efforts

Amrish Bharatiya

Director & CTO

Before joining Inttent as CTO, Amrish was Head of Tech at Aurigin. Prior to that he worked as Director of Technology with Nielsen’s Innovation business, where he created, managed and scaled their Nielsen Studio SaaS from a USD 50m business to USD 200m business. As a technology veteran of 20+ years, Amrish has managed multiple technology teams and delivered high performing products across multiple business domains

Meet Our Team

  • Neeraj Zanwar

    Senior Finance Manager

  • Gandhi Reddy

    Principal Software Engineer

  • Pushpendu Singh

    Principal Software Engineer

  • Mrityunjay Barman

    Principal Software Engineer

  • Balamurali Ramaswamy

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Anusha Chengi

    Junior Front-end Engineer

  • Harshit Mandhyani

    DevOps Engineer

  • Likhith Kumar

    Quality Assurance Engineer

  • Niraj Singh

    Software Dev Engineer

  • Radhika Bhatia

    Senior Product Manager

  • Sumit Rathore

    Associate Product Manager

  • Sanket Temani

    UI/UX Designer

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Our Alumni

  • Mehak Sharma

    Ex-HR Executive

  • Nithya Samy

    Ex-Lead Software Developer

  • Shankar Subramaniam

    Ex-Lead Infrastructure Engineer

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We are Hiring

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